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2. Licensed Family Child Care Providers

Childcare providers are an invaluable support to families and children!

Nursery School

ParentChild+ for Family Childcare is a FREE professional development in-home program designed to:

  • Support home-based childcare providers in their role of helping young children prepare for school and life success!

  • Generate excitement about learning through books, toys, and play for the provider, children and families!

Who Can qualify for this program?

Licensed Providers of home-based child care given by Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) or Family Child Care Homes (FCC)

What is provided?

  • FREE learning materials for you to keep!

  • An Early Learning Specialist who visits twice a week for 45 minutes to partner with you to find fun and creative ways to use learning materials with the children in your care, supporting early literacy and school readiness!

For more information call: 978-265-8884

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