Peabody and Salem ParentChild+ is a free in-home early literacy and school readiness program for families with children 18 months - 3 years old from Peabody and Salem, MA.

A trained community-based Early Learning Specialist will visit your home twice a week for 30 minutes and will provide you free high-quality books or educational toys each week for your child. That is at least 46 new books and toys!

Our specialists model engaging and educational activities for parents and children together and then support parents as they take on the role of their children’s first teachers. It's easy!

Did You Know...?

Your home is your child's first classroom.

Children learn best through play.

Reading and talking with your child in your home language helps prepare him or her to succeed in school.

Funded by a Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care awarded to Peabody Public Schools

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