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ParentChild+ is a FREE in-home early literacy and school readiness program for families with children 16 months - 3 years old.

Offering two models of FREE in-home ParentChild+ programs:

   1. Parent and Child 

2.  Licensed Providers of home-based child care given by Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFN) or Family Child Care Homes (FCC)

Faint Glow


Peabody Family

"Our son plays with the toys and loves the books. He is talking so much more and is learning so much! We love our Early Learning Specialist, she is great!"

Marblehead Family

" It is an amazing program, we are happy to be a part of it."

Peabody Family
"We have completed the program and feel that our child is better prepared to enter kindergarten. Thank you!"

Swampscott Family

"My child loves the video calls and has

established a great rapport with our Early


Learning Specialist, even over Zoom!


The books and toys have been great and she


plays with them all of the time."


Beverly Family

"Great program! We are enjoying it very much!"

Boxford Family

"We have received so many books and toys and they


are ours  to keep . We highly recommend ParentChild+


of the North Shore!"

Middleton Family

"Thanks so much! This is such a great program! Love it! We've been working on numbers and counting a lot since our last session and got a bunch of counting books from the library too."

Peabody Family

" This program is amazing, and it's free! My daughter is learning so much and looks forward to her visits."

Topsfield Family

"We love the program and look forward to our visits. Our child is enjoying the books and toys. Our Early Learning Specialist makes learning fun'

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